Netiquette Suggestions

The purpose of "Netiquette" is to help us become more aware of the feelings of others... to help us become more "thoughtful" and "considerate". These are among the "suggestions" submitted by Serenity Members. Some you will have heard before and will be obvious to you - some may be new to you - but all are worth thinking about. Get your yardstick out and see how you "measure up"!!

 BE CAREFUL WITH "FORWARDS". Nothing can be more aggravating than opening 10 forwards only to find you have another 15 waiting...and have probably already seen them anyway!!

Don't send "forwards" with 75 names already on them. If it happens to be something they may want to copy - they don't necessarily want to also copy a dozen "pages of names".

If you're going to send a "forward" to several people (or your entire family and all their friends) send only to "one" of those people and make the rest "blind" copies. This also keeps other people's email addresses "private".

If your "forwarding" something you've received that has a long list of names already on it... copy/paste the "message" into a new email before "forwarding it". If you're sending it to more than one person... again, send to only "one" name and make the others "Blind Copies".

 When sending or "forwarding" URL's... keep in mind that some of these sites "automatically" add all visitors to their "mailing list". A most "UNWELCOME" event. Never add anyone to a "mailing list" without their permission! Unsolicited "updates" and other mail can be very annoying!!

 Don't leave "nasty" messages in Guestbooks. If you didn't enjoy your visit, have the good grace to "email the site owner privately" or just leave quitely .

 A problem with Yahoo Messenger and ICQ....Receiving porno messages and URL's for porno sites do not make my day! I have the option checked in both that only the friends on my list can see that I'm online, but I still have these things to come through from total strangers. I think if you are going to run a service like this on the net, then it should work properly.

My question would be: what can we do about this? Writing to the companies/sites involved seem to have no effect, as you never even get an answer back. Could we as individuals just be a little more considerate as to what we send to who.

 Be thoughtful with IM's... Just because you see a buddy online doesn't mean "they're available" or that you have an "instant audience". Not all people are "just cruising the net"...many are "working" online. Be a thoughtful messenger and ask: "Are you busy?"...or..."do you have a few minutes?" before just "barging in".

 If someone has enough faith in you to "share a special confidence"...don't betray it! Keep private matters private!

 RESPECT the rights of others. Ask permission before "taking" something from another's site... and then "give credit where credit is due".

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