New Members

We would like to welcome you to Serenity Webring. This is "your" ring and your opinion matters to us.

This page is to update you on what is happening and to invite your participation!

We have several active committees and would be pleased if you would like join one of them. Our committees take little time and while it is never a "requirement" that you join... it is always very much appreciated. You will find more information on our Committees here or under "Committees" on the Main Index.

To contact a member of The Team about joining a committee or for any other reason... send an email to Your mail will be forwarded to the proper "person in charge" and they will respond directly to you.

We have a "Members Photo Album" and would very much like to include you in it. Simply send a photo of yourself along with a brief biography to Whisper and it will be added to our album! We'd love to see you there!

"Contact Information" can be sent to us if you would like other members to have a way to "get in touch" with you. That information would be added to our "Contact a Member" link and would contain your email address, icq, Yahoo id, Aol, Instant Messenger, or any kind of information you would like to share with other members.

Many of our member really enjoy sending "Birthday" greetings and gifts to other members on their "special day". Please send us your "Birthday Date" so we can include you in the fun!

If you have a favorite quote or poem that you would like to share with us, please submit it and we will add it on our "Inspiring Words" A link to that page can be found on the Main Index.

If your site has a banner to represent your webpages, please submit it to us so we can add it our "Members Banners" page.

"Site of the Month" is an ongoing program which awards a site from our ring. The award is based, in general, on content, appropriate graphics, music, ease of navigation, and overall appearance. All ring members, except for "management", is eligible. It is voted on by the general membership and "Your Vote Counts!... so be sure to cast your ballot for Site of the Month. Look for "The Voting Booth" on the Main Index Page.

Our Newsletter is an Online Newsletter and is "for members only".   The Newsletter is considered a very important part and "required" part of our communications within the ring. It keeps members up-to-date on "what's happening".

Anything can be submitted to the newsletter. For instance... a page update you've made, a vote request, a poem or quote or anything you would like to share with us. You can submit your information either to:Theda or to:Whisper

Once you are a Serenity member, if you need to change or update your site information, please go to the following link:

Once you reach the Ring Surf page, you will see three blank spaces for "Ring Member Login". In the Ring ID space, enter the word webins,   in the other two spaces, enter your Site ID number and your Site Password. If you have forgotten or lost your password - it can be emailed to you. Simply contact Theda at and she will email it to you. If you aren't sure what your Serenity Ring ID is, simply go to your rings page and highlight one of the links at the bottom of the ring image. It will show you your ring ID. Alternately, you can "view source" on your rings page and find your Ring ID in the html for the Serenity Webring.

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