Our Vision


Even the word soothes the soul.
Gentle rains fall and nourish the earth.
A happy brook bubbling along it's merry way.
A doe, standing peacefully,
soft brown eyes alert,
watching as her baby sleeps.


A place to lay your head, rest your eyes,
a place to be warm, feel safe, yet free.
This is what we see in the future for our web ring,
what we strive to attain.
A place where you can come, see beautiful
web pages,
read words of hope, encouragement and peace.

Regardless of the cold fears, doubts and sorrow in
your life,
here you will read the stories of
others who have walked the road you are on.
You will hear their pain, but you will see they
never lost faith, they survived, they grew,
and in growing are able to share their stories with you.

This is our Home.
Our Home on The Web.
Its present, and it's future
is built entirely to bring you, the reader,

For those who contribute,
and for those who are fortunate enough
to surf through our beautiful sites,
we wish you,

So welcome, sit back, relax, and enjoy,
for just a little while,
our world of

Thank you for visiting with us.....
The Team

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by Whisper

The above work was created EXCLUSIVELY FOR SERENITY and may "not be used in any form" on "any other site" - "for any reason whatsoever" - without exception.

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