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Whisper - Manager Online Newsletter - Chairperson for:  Member Communications - Graphics Committee - Contests/Special Events - Webmistress/Editor for Serenity Webpages - and Member of the Search & Review Committee

Theda - Chairperson for:   - Search & Review Committee - Ring Surf Monitor and Member of the Graphics Committee

Laurie - Chairperson for:   Awards Committee - Welcome Committee - Celebrations Committee - and Special Requests Committee -

Support Staff

Island Princess - Leader of the weekley column:
"The Pen and The Poet"

Iminia-lee - Leader of the weekly newsletter column: "The View From Here"

Arthur - Leader of the weekly newsletter column:
"This Made Me Laugh"

Ring Address: -

Please feel free to contact any of us with any questions or concerns you may have.... This is "your" webring and we're always "here for you!"


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