These are sites that members themselves vote for each month.

Special Note*  Any Awards that are NOT linked to a site are sites that no longer belong of Serenity.... or people who have moved their sites to a new location/host, and neglected to give us their "forwarding address".  The same is true for any "error messages" you may encounter.  We do, nevertheless, leave the "credit to them" on the page.  Any "missing months" were those months when, due to other contests and activities, no awards were given for that month.

Don't forget to vote for the Site-of-the-Month each month at the "Voting Booth". The Site of the month will be announced the first Friday of each month.

Your Votes are very important and are always kept "confidential". The Voting Period begins on the first day of each month and is open till the last day of that month.

These votes, when compiled, decide the Site of the Month for the following month. The award will be presented right away, and the winner will be posted on this page as well as in the Newsletter.

May 2000
Congratulations to Whisper

November 2000
Congratulations Island Princess

April 2001
Congratulations to SweetMeloDe!

Graphic by Whisper

More winners will be posted as they are located and found to still be members of our ring! Thanks for your patience!

In the meantime...Don't forget to vote in our current "Site of the Month" contest! Just click on the "Voting Booth" link above!!

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