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These are sites that members themselves vote for each month.

Special Note*  Any Awards that are NOT linked to a site are sites that no longer belong of Serenity.... or people who have moved their sites to a new location/host, and neglected to give us their "forwarding address".  The same is true for any "error messages" you may encounter.  We do, nevertheless, leave the "credit to them" on the page.  Any "missing months" were those months when, due to other contests and activities, no awards were given for that month.

June 2001

Congratulations to Aqua Crone!
( Click on the Award to view her site )

August 2001

Congratulations to Annie's Attic

Due to the September 11, 2001 tragedy, we held no contest for this month.

October 2001

Congratulations to "Cathy's Realm of Poetry"

November 2001

Congratulations to "Wild Angel's World"

December Winner is:
Ice Dream's Palace
(Click on the award to see her site)

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